Concrete Drum Cleaning

Traditional vs Ready Jet Drum Cleaning

“We are well-established water blasting community. With our proven track record with other water jet robotic products we are now in 24 countries with 100s of thousands of trucks being successfully ready jetted, the Ready Jet G3 product in now well proven.”

With Ready Jet, most all of the health and safety risks to individuals can be avoided.

Pioneering high-pressure drum cleaning

The Ready Jet system greatly reduces maintenance costs that commonly come with repairing the blades and drum, as well as extending their overall life span.

Reduce maintenance costs and improve staff safety

  • Greatly reduces maintenance costs
  • More capacity for ‘fresh’ concrete, increasing efficiency
  • Extends overall life span of mixer drums
  • Health and safety risks to individuals avoided
  • Eliminates exposure to silica dust
  • Pioneering water blasting technology

Ready Jet excels in extreme environments

Ready Jet working in all weather conditions