Health and Safety

With Ready Jet, all of the health and safety risks to individuals can be avoided…

  • Dramatically lessons risk of injury
  • Operators no longer need to climb inside the drum to clean the mixer drum
  • Eliminates exposure to silica dust
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Greatly improved fuel efficiency
  • Improved working conditions– your employees rarely will have to enter confined spaces.
  • Reduced health risks– your employees are no longer exposed to the dangers of Silica, an ingredient which becomes airborne during jack hammering.
  • Enhanced safety– your employees will control the Ready Jet from outside the mixer drum, meaning safety risks of entering the mixer drum can be avoided.

“The health and safety of your staff is greatly improved. There is no longer the risks of your employees working in a confined space and being exposed to noise and respiratory dangers. These can be greatly reduced with the Ready Jet.”

By using the Ready Jet, your staff no longer needs to enter the concrete mixer drum to remove old concrete debris.

Reduction in safety risks

A drum-cleaning system for truck mixers, which significantly reduces the health and safety risks involved in drum cleaning, has been launched. The Ready Jet enables remote removal of concrete, which avoids injuries involved in climbing inside the drum as well as eliminating exposure to silica dust, a known carcinogen.

One of the major highlights of the Ready Jet system is that it significantly eliminates exposure to silica dust (recent tests of the system found no detectable amounts of silica). Chipping away at the concrete by traditional means exposes the operator to silica dust, a known carcinogen. Occupational exposure to silica dust over a period of years can result in Silicosis, a form of lung disease…   More

Traditional methods pose serious health risks

Although there are no hard and fast rules relating to how often a truck should be cleaned – with some operators opting for daily, while others adopt a more occasional / ad-hoc approach. It is widely acknowledged that allowing the concrete to build-up will have a detrimental effect on the overall performance of the truck and for this reason a preemptive approach is more beneficial… More

Ready Jet Concrete Drum Cleaning

The Ready Jet concrete cleaning system is a huge step forward for the safety of all personnel involved in the concrete industry and the cleaning and preparing of the delivery trucks for action.

 No longer do men need to clamber inside the trucks with hardhats on, armed with hammers in order to chip out hardened concrete with this new forward thinking system…  More

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In eight seasons of “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel and now in his new CNN show “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” Rowe has spent time as an owl vomit collector, a coal miner, and a cloth diaper cleaner. But there’s one job that he is certain took the most out of him.

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