Ready Jet Concrete Drum Cleaning

Ready Jet Concrete Drum Cleaning

The Ready Jet concrete cleaning system is a huge step forward for the safety of all personnel involved in the concrete industry and the cleaning and preparing of the delivery trucks for action.


No longer do men need to clamber inside the trucks with hardhats on, armed with hammers in order to chip out hardened concrete with this new forward thinking system.

From the outset, the Ready Jet system seems to be one of the most simple approaches that has been used within the industry to date with a move away from manual entry only being a good thing. Utilizing high-pressure water jet systems nobody needs to stand inside or crawl around in inside the trucks meaning their safety is assured in many ways. Not only will your workforce no longer be breathing in the dust from the vehicles but no longer will they suffer falling chunks of concrete on to themselves, in turn drastically reducing the amount of recorded accidents and events concerning this.

Around the globe, countries such as Canada and America have already rolled out the ready jet system with fantastic results. Since opting for such systems, many employers found themselves no longer vulnerable to expensive lawsuits or health and safety officials reporting and worrying over the activities of their staff.  With such threats having the potential to be very costly and damaging, any reasonable and sensible employer would surely jump at the opportunity to escape from the terrible repercussions of working with the older systems of clambering and clouting.

In the UK, the Ready Jet system is already being tested by Hopkins Concrete who have found the system effective and fast. Staff are now able to perform their duties more efficiently, getting out on the road and delivering concrete rather than spending time inside drums trying to maintain an efficient working system. Such a move forward has been particularly significant for Hopkins Concrete as they have launched their new fleet of vehicles and are now maintaining their trucks to a much higher standard as well as maintaining higher standards of efficiency and fuel consumption to m² delivery prices.

In a business community where price sensitivity is a major factor, Hopkins Concrete has been able to leap further ahead than its competitors, not only through efficiency of new engines but through the efficiency of having a constant cleaning system in process. Such systems have enabled their drums to be practically spotless, and be delivered as new on site, while at the same time setting new standards to project them ahead of their competitor’s safety, economy and overall care. All the result of the use of the Ready Jet.