Reduction in safety risks

Reduction in safety risks

A drum-cleaning system for truck mixers, which significantly reduces the health and safety risks involved in drum cleaning, has been launched. The Ready Jet enables remote removal of concrete, which avoids injuries involved in climbing inside the drum as well as eliminating exposure to silica dust, a known carcinogen.

One of the major highlights of the Ready Jet system is that it significantly eliminates exposure to silica dust (recent tests of the system found no detectable amounts of silica). Chipping away at the concrete by traditional means exposes the operator to silica dust, a known carcinogen. Occupational exposure to silica dust over a period of years can result in Silicosis, a form of lung disease.  

There is also the health and safety issue of working in confined spaces, as the rescuing of an injured operator is nearly impossible.

The Ready Jet is run by remote control and works by removing hardened concrete from inside the truck mixer drum via robotic water blasting technology without compromising the integrity of the mixer drum or blades.

Putting to one side the health and safety risks and the potential damage to the vehicle from impact hammers – the Ready Jet system ensures significant time savings are gained. Commonly cleaning time can be reduced to around 2 hours per mixer drum, providing a quick return on production. To remove the same amount of concrete by traditional methods would take an operator around a day to complete the task.

Ready Jet is an ideal solution for both operator-owners and those with a fleet of mixers wanting a more safe and efficient method of cleaning residual concrete build-up.