Sustainability Challenge

The Ready Jet is a Proactive Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Tool that allows you to safely remove dead concrete in a sustainable process, while also helping with fleet management and maintenance.

  •  Reduced transport costs – Traditional concrete drum cleaning retains more ‘dead concrete’ in the mixer drum than Hopkins Ready Jet meaning that traditionally, transportation costs would be higher due to surplus ‘dead concrete.
  • Increased mixer drum capacity – By retaining more ‘dead concrete’, using traditional drum cleaning methods would greatly reduce the available capacity within your mixer drum meaning less ready-mix concrete could be transported.

Improve your concrete drum’s efficiency; use the Ready Jet to remove more ‘dead concrete’ saving you reduced transport cost and enhanced capacity.










Ready Jet offers state of the art dead concrete removal.

Computerized, Non-Entry Drum Cleaning

Removing the current risk of cleaning a drum and replacing it with another risk is counterproductive in business. The Ready Jet will eliminate current health and safety risks, while improving sustainability.

Having a member of staff manually digging away at the dead concrete within the mixer drums is unsustainable as it puts the worker at risk to potential injury, and increased and unnecessary contact to crystalline silica, a known human carcinogen. With Ready Jet you can completely eliminate this risk, so ensuring employee safety.

Simplify mixer truck maintenance with the Ready Jet system:

  • Reduce employee entry risks– With the Ready Jet, risk of dangerous entry into the mixer drum is avoided
  • Extend your mixer fleets life span- The Ready Jet will remove ‘dead concrete’ without damaging the integrity of the drums blades or inner shell.
  • Safer cleaning– Concrete removal is controlled from the exterior of the drum providing a safer cleaning solution.
  • Improved company image– Create a better company image with up to the minute technology that protects your employees.
  • Affordable, quick solution– Ready Jet provides an affordable and quick solution for dead concrete removal from within mixer truck drums.
Ready Jet Operated Safely outside of drum

Water blasts away any dead concrete, allowing your company to ensure maximum efficiency within concrete loads.